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Learn more about the Catholic and Maronite communities. At St. Anthony Maronite Catholic Church in Springfield, Massachusetts, we want our congregation to be well-informed about what is happening in the Catholic Church, so we have provided several links to resources and our associated ministries. We invite all our parishioners to explore these websites.

The Vatican

The Vatican 

Stay up-to-date on everything happening in the Vatican. This a great source of additional information about our faith and the sacraments that we perform.

The Diocese of Saint Maron of Brooklyn

The Diocese of Saint Maron of Brooklyn

Discover how Maronite Catholics differ from other denominations. The Diocese of Saint Maron of Brooklyn shares information about the Maronite Rites and more.

The Catholic Information Center

The Catholic Information Center

Visit the Catholic Information Center to learn more about our belief system. This website discusses everything, from our stance on abortion to the need for baptism. It even features addresses from the Pope.

National Apostolate of Maronites Logo

National Apostolate of Maronites

Maronite Voice Logo

Maronite Voice

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Knights of Columbus

The Cedars

Whenever we have special events planned, we work with The Cedars. The Cedars is a rental facility that hosts banquets and weddings. It is the perfect place for those couples who want to join in matrimony. It is also the place where our women's guild hosts its monthly pasta dinner.