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Monthly Bulletin

Our Ministries

In addition to our wonderful Masses, we offer a number of ministries. At St. Anthony Maronite Catholic Church in Springfield, Massachusetts, we want to give you every chance to surround yourself with like-minded believers, so our Catholic church has organized a number of guilds and clubs to peak your interest. Keep an eye out for our upcoming ministries, including Catholic Catechism, and a new Music Ministry.

Parish Council

The council is interested in any comments, questions, or suggestions you may have. Email them at, or contact Richard Toney at (860) 670-3652

Parish Council Officers

• President - Richard Toney • Vice President - Frances Anthony • Secretary - Doris Duafala

Parish Council Members

• John Ackourey
• Maroun Ghossein
• Ruth Ramah
• Ray Stevens
• Donna Shibley
• Georgette Hannoush

• Donna Glantz / Marie-Reine Raheb
• Patty Stevens

Members of Our Stewardship Committee

• Deacon Norman Hannoush • Edward Shibley • Salvatore Labella • Maria Khoury • Paul Phaneuf

Men's Club

Spend time with a wide variety of men of the faith. For more information about our Men's Club, call Abdallah Rehayem on his cell phone at (413) 265- 5397 or email him at

Saint Anthony's Women Guild

The members of the Saint Anthony's Women Guild are committed to supporting and educating Maronite Catholic women in areas of spirituality, leadership, and service. We are dedicated to the spiritual enhancement of our parish, as well as working with its parishioners and with the Greater Springfield community.

We have a dedicated team of women leading us. Donna Shibley is our President, and Adele McCarthy is our Vice President. Our Secretary is Marilyn Rondeau, and our Treasurer is Christine Connors. For those of you interested in joining our group of inspired women, contact  Donna Shibley at  413.786.3888 (h) or 413.519.1845 (c) or email at 


Women's Guild Calendar of Events

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus

St. Anthony's hosts the Knights of Columbus, Home City Council #63. The council meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. For those of you who have questions or are interested in joining, please contact the Grand Knight- Randy Bianchi- at or