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Monthly Bulletin

From Our Pastor

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Jesus Christ:

This church is holy ground, where all people are welcome to celebrate with joy the Gospel of life and the sacraments that empower us with the Spirit of Christ. From this church, we are strengthened and united as the body of Christ through the richness of our Catholic faith, the history of our Maronite traditions, the experiences of our families, and the diversity of our cultures, languages, and gifts.

Our resolve is strengthened by the example of our Patron Saint Anthony, who spread the good news to all the people. He reminds each of us of our mission to be messengers of hope, peace, and good will.

In this church, we will educate, nurture, and encourage involvement among the children and youth to help them to grow in faith, compassion, and understanding. With the support and guidance of parents and elders, we will strive to make a healing difference in the lives of all God's people, including those of every race, creed, and tradition.

Following the example of our Lord Jesus, the Lover of humankind, our Catholic church will provide service to the poor and vulnerable. We will reach out in action and loving care, both to individuals and communities, through spiritual and corporal works of charity.

In God, we live, move, and have our being. Truly, nothing is impossible for those who believe and trust in Him.

Yours in Christ,